I do not consider myself as a graphics designing artist. I could not event tell difference between various type. Erik & Andi both have laughed on me when it comes to type & colors combination. But I know color wheels, primary, secondary, tertiary colors and color harmonies – basic techniques for creating color schemes. Anyways, stop laughing.

I am writing this blog post for my clients and reader who has desire to learn the basic so that they can talk to graphics designers and effectively communicate with them. The information I am sharing here will help in learn the basic terminology which every graphics designer use.

First thing to do is to watch this video by Forrest Media on typography. This video will give you the basic history about typography. For common people like me typography means font haha.

After watching this video, I want you to read this article “Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle“. This infographics is bit more extensive and will give you good foundation about typography.

Next, lets dive deeper and read Choosing a Typeface Flowchart: Refining my Design.

Hope this information will help you to learn the basics.